Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Brief Update

Hey there,

Yes, I know it's been nearly a month since my last blogpost. As much as I wanted to blog more within that time span, there were music gigs and other things that needed my attention (along with the fact that I just needed a little break).
I have been updating my Facebook page and YouTube Channel, so feel free to follow me there as well.
I am working toward getting Kindred (The Birthrite, #2) completed and I can finally say that it will be for sure released in October. :) I don't have an exact date yet, but I will be keeping you all updated on blog tours, release parties, and the like. :)
As mentioned at the start of this post, a nice amount of music gigs (both on my own and with Wayward Companions) have been occupying my time. You can see some of what went on with those on Facebook and YouTube. In addition (speaking of my social media pages), I am announcing that I am finally breaking down and getting an Instagram account (I'm like years behind the rest of the world in that regard). It will be in the next month once I have my new ipad. I have resisted getting Instagram, simply because I already have a few social media platforms that I use, update, and have followers on. However, enough people have begged and pleaded and harassed and expressed interest in following me on Instagram. Therefore I am caving to peer pressure feel it would be worthwhile to have an account. And I can see the benefits of being on that particular platform. Now Snapchat is another story...though I am getting ideas on how I can possibly use that. We'll see.
Also on the music end, I have a new song called Lullaby being released in conjunction with the paranormal documentary film, Lilly's Cry. I will get a release date to you guys once one is settled upon. There are a couple other cool projects I just signed on for that I will be revealing more on in the coming weeks. :)

There is also much I want to get back to blogging about. In my adventures of sitting in coffee shops and working on my books, along with camping and being involved with various living history/historical reenacting events, I have been given even more opportunity in studying humanoid behavior and much of what I see both fascinates and disturbs me. At the start of this year, I discovered the YouTube Channel and blog of Jenna of the White Witch Parlour. I absolutely adore her. She talks a lot of high and low vibrations (Law of Vibration), what the ancients knew and ancient practices of such things. As someone who is constantly reading up on history and ancient practices, I find this part of her channel and blog fascinating and very enjoyable. I can relate to the patterns she sees in a lot of human behavior. We have become a society of constant seekers of approval, all while vehemently proclaiming to not care about what others think (when they clearly do...people who honestly don't care about what others think of them have no need to be on a constant soapbox about it). We are also a society that tries to put down those that are trying to better themselves (the old 'crab in a bucket' mentality) and a society that will join a website like and then get upset when those responding to them are...well...honest with them, making suggestions about maybe cleaning up their appearance or adjusting their demeanor, etc. It's as though people just want to be told "you're perfect and don't change." While I can understand where that comes from, I feel that we are all works in progress and thinking that there is no room for improvement in yourself can be a dangerous way of thinking.

I will get more into this when I return to blogging next week. Until then, have a great weekend. :)

PS- This is one of Jenna's best videos, imho. I don't completely agree with the not eating animals part (since a more paleo based diet is what worked for me...I tried going vegan a few years ago and it did not work for me at all) but she makes many great points here.

I will also be doing a review video this next week, reviewing two products I got at Fort Frederick this passed spring. :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Historical Music, Irish Weather and Wardrobe Malfunctions...

Well hello!
We (The Wayward Companions) just completed two shows from our summer concert series and would like to thank everyone who are coming out and enjoying themselves at our performances! There is much more to come so be sure to check out our SHOWS page to see what we have coming up next. We are still negotiating a couple events and will post them once things are confirmed.
This month has brought us some exciting adventures so far. On July 8, we were fortunate enough to play the Whiskey Rebellion Festival. We played in two beautiful locations. In the Pioneer Room at the George Washington Hotel and in the garden of The Bradford House.

We first played in the Pioneer Room and those in attendance did not seem to notice the slight wardrobe malfunction in my 18th century attire.
After the show, we went to a wonderful pub and restaurant in 18th century clothes (which is always great fun). Then we braved the beautiful Irish weather while playing under a tent in the Bradford House garden. It was a rather intimate concert as audience members were also squeezing under the tent to get out of the rain!
Then today (July 16) we played a great show with our friends Celtic Ceol at the Depreciation Lands Museum's Ice Cream Social and Fleece to Shawl Demonstration. The museum's Deacon's Tavern is always a pleasure to perform in and we had a wonderfully enthusiastic crowd (video coming soon!).
Thank you to everyone coming out and really making our summer. We look forward to seeing you along the path! :)

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Finished Project!

During my last couple times at the museum, I finished my hussef/wallet just in time for the next historical event and gigs. :) For those that missed my post when I was starting to make this, a hussef is a sewing kit carried by both men and women during the 18th century (as well as other centuries in bygone times). It was one of those 'never leave home without it' items. I have a few hussefs within my sewing supplies, but this one is meant to double as a wallet anytime I am at historical events and/or gigs. Can't be whipping out a modern wallet! It kills the motif. :D

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Solstice...

~~~Mythology. Fantasy. Hidden History~~~

173 years ago today, four men experienced a supernatural event that would forever bind their bloodlines. Read of that fateful 1844 summer solstice and what exactly ties Nicolae Ganoush, Jonathan Blake, James Livingston, and Hector de Fuentes together. Their descent is only the beginning...

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

More History (the 'water myth') and Other Home Projects


It's been a hectic week, so I didn't get to post an actual blogpost as planned (I hope to do that this week), but here is a little of what I will be working on.

Also, I will be at the Depreciation Lands Museum today, so if you are in the area, swing by. :)

There are a lot of historical myths floating around, some of which might surprise many. Here is one interesting article on the 'water myth' of the Medieval era, though this myth seems to have followed us into the 18th century as well (did they really only drink beer and wine because they thought the water was poison?). It's worth a read!
His final paragraph in the article also raises a good point (particularly how many tend to excuse repeating a amazes me how many continue doing this for the sake of appearing edgy/shocking/humorous to museum/historical landmark visitors):
"Unfortunately, long-standing myths are not displaced by anything so flimsy as documentation. In previous discussions elsewhere, one person's response was simply to say, "The lack of evidence is not evidence." Another's was that since some doctors criticized some water, some drinkers might have considered this good enough reason to avoid water. Etc. This long-established idea then is unlikely to die anytime soon. But at the least, the next time you see or hear someone put it forth, you can always try asking: what is the evidence for this from the period?
Because that simple question has, for too long, been ignored."

The Great Medieval Water Myth:

Also starting to make two projects from this knitting book. One will be for my #livinghistory projects and ventures and the other will be something for 'everyday wear.' 

Got some more thyme and sage for the herb garden a local produce store near me, among other things.  Also pictured is my non-toxic pesticide that I make with Purification oil, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Lavender. It works wonders on both plants and human skin. :D

Last Sunday I had my author takeover for the Victor or Victim book release party, then I got a lot of deep cleaning done (my non-toxic cleaning products that I make myself work quite well  ) and made bone broth, cold brew coffee and baconnaise. I'd say it was a win. :D

Well, hope you all have a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful Fathers Day. :)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

More Adventures in Living History :)

Here is one of my latest sewing projects.

A 'hussef' was a sewing kit that both men and women carried with them ("never leave home without it!"). They are often made of cloth and shaped like a sort of wallet. While I have a couple hussefs among my own sewing supplies, I am currently making one that will double as a wallet (so that I'm not taking out a 21st century wallet at these #livinghistory events!). I will show the finished product once it is complete. :)

This passed Sunday at the museum, I ("Sadie Miller") and 'Kate Ferguson Greiner' cook a braised venison on the hearth inside the cabin. The process of cooking on the hearth is also discussed.

And the week before, I made a spice cake which turned out quite nicely. :)

I have a new blogpost that I plan to put up early next week, so stay tuned! :)